SME LLC is a company which has more than 10 years of expertise in the following fields:

Media consulting and marketing lobbying

The dynamic development of media and digital technologies require constant trend tracking. We continuously track the changes and adapt to the needs of our clients. Our company is committed to converting our clients’ visions into successful business realities.

Event management

Events are what people remember. Events are the best way capture the attention of participants and to focus it towards a predetermined goal.Our team will plan and organize your event down to the finest detail, be it a conference, team building, seminar, sports event, celebration or promotional event.

Multimedia content

Modern communication requires extra effort to be put in to create multimedia content that delivers a clear and strong message. Our production team creates video clips, corporate and product videos, documentaries, TV shows and commercials that will exceed your expectations. Our team works with video, television and internet audio & video production and post-production.

Animation and 3D animation

Motion picture is one of the most creative ways in which a particular product can be presented on the market. We create motion pictures and adapt them for broadcasting on various forms of social media.

Web design and development

The identification card of every contemporary organization. We pride ourselves on designing creative, innovative websites and web applications.


Throughout time, the only thing has changed is the way we spread a voice, but the importance of the message has remained the same. Together we create a message, then we think of logistics and of a detailed plan on how to get your message across - campaigning. Each campaign we create, political or promotional it is tailored to your individual needs and then placed on all online and offline media.

Steps in our work

What we can assist you with:


A good idea is the first step in creating a successful campaign

Market analysis

In order for a product to be successful it is necessary to collect and analyze data

Creation and realization

The most important step, complete commitment to all aspects of the product

Creating new values

The main goal of each of our campaigns

Our projects

Step ahead of time.
We believe that our work is meaningful only if the products of it are there to make the world a better place to live.

  • AMP 2020 - conference organization
  • Budva Tourism Organization - promotional videos&catalogs
  • Gastrans - corporate videos production
  • JRJ publishing - digital marketing
  • Extra Care Pharmaceuticals - promotional video production
  • Principles of success - motivational panel and workshops
  • International Day of Light by UNESCO - panel discussion and commemoration of the world's first International Day of Light
  • Serbian Baroque Painting - documentary movie
  • Cycling through Vojvodina - documentary TV series
  • The Good in People - documentary TV series
  • Traffic Safety in Local Communities - multimedia content creation
  • Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin - The Road to Light - full production; animated documentary
  • Sanofi Aventis Russia - seminar organization, team building organization
  • Lafarge Holcim Serbia - seminar organization, corporate videos & commercials production
  • Jugokop Podrinje - corporate videos production
  • Pozarevac National Museum - corporate videos production
  • BHG - virtual 3D tour
  • IFC - the first Serbian PPP conference
  • Multimedia career compass - animated promotional video production
  • GSGS - media campaign
  • Jefferson Institute - corporate videos production
  • Goethe Institute - corporate videos production
  • Krokodil - promotional videos production

About us

We are the team that turns ideas into new values

A quality product is one that lasts, the one who is open to listen to suggestions and criticism. In accordance with the 17 points of sustainable development of the United Nations, Sajko Media & Events respects the principles of sustainability.

Principles that guarantee that we will overcome any obstacles in our way. Our team is composed of hardworking, dedicated individuals who persevere in everything we have begun. Together we create new values. Each product is regarded as a means of improving the world, making it a better place to live.

Our clients

Contact us

If you have recognized the description of our services as something you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us if what you’re looking for isn’t listed above, we are here to assist you! Write to us or call us and we will find a way to help.